PCB Design Guide

pcb design circuit board PCB Design Process

Get a goood understanding of hte pcb design process and workflow and you'll be off to a great start.

circuit board design Schematic Capture

Schematic capture is an essential part of organizing your printed circuit board design.

designing pcbs PCB Footprints

Learn how to design pcb footprints quickly and properly with this quick informative section.

pwb design PCB Layout

90% of your pcb design will be spent in the pcb layout phase. Here's a couple tips and tricks to save time.

PCB Design Services and Software

pcb designer Orcad PCB Designer

Orcad Capture is an industry standard. What about Orcad PCB Designer? Find out what we thought.

pcb designing Mentor Graphics - PADs

Mentor Graphics PADs is an industry standard pcb design software that is easy to use. Read the full review.

pwb designer PCB Software Training

Are you in need of pcb training or training on pcb design software? Here's a resource to get started.

Multilayer PCB Design and Flexible PCB Design Resources

PCB design can be frustrating, time consuming, and very difficult to figure out how to get started. We've broken printed circuit board design into 3 sections: schematic capture, pcb footprints, and pcb layout. These 3 sections will provide you with the resources needed to tackle your first printed circuit board design. Our pcb design guide will also help you figure out which is the best pcb design software to use, whether your project is a hobby or a commercial product. If you've run out of time or are looking for a pcb assembly service we can also help you navigate that process. If you need a pcb quote Bittele Electronics offers a full range of pcb assembly services and specializes in low volume, turn key orders. They are also fully capable of pcb manufacturing! Check them out today!