PCB Design Guide – Gerber File Output

The last step in the pcb design guide is outputting the gerber files. No matter which pcb design software you chose it will output some form of Gerber data. It essentially takes all the information about your board and breaks it up by layer. Each layer turns into a single file. The data in the file can then be used to plot the information in order to construct the circuit board. These files will guide a pcb manufacturer exactly how to build your circuit board. This is the industry standard way to have a pcb board quoted so learning how to properly generate the gerber files is essential.

Gerber Files Standard

The newest standard for gerber files is called RS-274X. Below is the specification for this standard and is worth having access to for reference.

Gerber RS-274X Format Specification

Standard Gerber Files

.GBL – Gerber Bottom Layer
.GTL – Gerber Top Layer
.GBS – Gerber Bottom Solder Resist
.GTS – Gerber Top Solder Resist
.GBO – Gerber Bottom Overlay
.GTO – Gerber Top Overlay
.GBP – Gerber Bottom Paste
.GTP – Gerber Top Paste
.GKO – Gerber Keep-Out Layer
.GM1 – Gerber Mechanical 1
.GM2 – Gerber Mechanical 2
.GPT – Gerber Top Pad Master
.GPB – Gerber Bottom Pad Master

More to follow about Gerber File generation…